We help you to create a powerfull design.

We are teachers and educational experts who, with our expertise, assist schools and educational programs in achieving a powerful curriculum, consisting of thoughtful goals, meaningful assessment, and effective teaching methods.

In The Netherlands we have helpen hundreds of school and educational programs of the past few years. Internationally, we focus on higher education.

Read on to learn more about who we are and how we work.

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Our mission

Helping to make conscious choices.

Promoting powerful education by increasing expertise and empowering teaching teams to make informed choices in curriculum design, assessment, and teaching methods.

Our vision

Design-based learning:
together, actively engaged.

We believe that powerful education emerges from working towards a collective ambition to create a robust curriculum, consisting of clear goals, meaningful assessment, and effective teaching methods. Key focus areas for us include viewing learning as a continuous process, fostering ownership, and providing personalized learning experiences. This is cultivated through design-based learning: as a team, collaborating on a shared language and practice by actively developing education together, based on thoughtful choices. This is achieved by enriching teachers’ knowledge and skills through scientific research and related, enjoyable, practical examples. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for this: we prioritize collaborating to organize support that fits the context. We inspire innovation!

HOW can we help?

Tailor-made guidance.

Need more help? We offer support on various topics and in various ways. For instance, we can act as a critical friend during the development of a new assessment program, provide training on formative assessment or learning strategies, provide guidance in vision development or the formulation of learning outcomes, or take on the role of project leader for a complete curriculum revision, from vision to implementation.

Sustainable innovation succeeds only when reality is at the forefront and people are engaged. Our expertise lies in providing innovation processes where we collectively focus on impactful and sustainable change. We’d love to work with you to understand your desires, grasp the daily realities, and figure out how we can contribute to your ambition: bridging the gap between research and practice.

For this reason, we offer customized support tailored to your needs. We’re eager to meet and explore how we can assist you.


Our team

Our team consists of enthusiastic and knowledgeable teachers and educational experts. We have extensive practical experience and expertise, ranging from teaching to team leadership, and from classroom pedagogy to school-wide educational reforms.

Wessel Peeters
Founder, teacher and educational expert
Michiel Lucassen
Founder, teacher and educational advisor
Linda Litjens
Teacher and educational expert
Leon Anasagasti
Teacher and educational advisor
Teun Kuipers
Teacher and educational advisor
Selene Lentjes
Teacher and educational advisor
Evke van Schelt
Teacher and projectmanager


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