Co-design a powerful curriculum
and bring it
to life.


Stop designing your course using Excel and Word.
Start designing together.

Built for educators & educational designers

Let’s make curriculum development into a
flexible, playful journey, moving away from
'one-size-fits-all' towards a co-created
and focused design.

Bring the curriculum to life

Design a curriculum, playfully.

Drag goals, cluster them into subjects and learning pathways, place them in time, and thus playfully build a clear, powerful curriculum that you can continue to develop.


Create a design, powerful & coherent.

Start with your vision and objectives  and work towards  learning activities, including formative checks or blended learning. Constructive alignment, by design.

Everything in one place

The vision, objectives, assessments, and all relevant documents in one clear, cohesive place.

Save time

All information always accessible and up-to-date. Look around or search and find specific information.


Share the curriculum with all stakeholders and external parties. You decide what everyone can see and edit.


Work on educational quality

Create overview and gain insight.

Curriculum Playground helps you analyze your program. Gain insight on the quality of your program. Search for information or compare compare goals, assessment, modules, and more!   

Work step by step towards a
well-designed curriculum.

Design, create, plan, analyze, and share your curriculum
based on Backward Design.
From vision to learning activities.
Everything neatly in one place.

Formulate the learning objectives or outcomes.

Design a suitable assessment program.

Plan the various learning activities.

The curriculum is the
foundation of learning,
but is also difficult to design.


We help you to create a powerful design.

As teachers and educational scientists, we support a large number of schools and programs with our knowledge and experience in curriculum design.

Want to know more about who we are and what we stand for? 


Reasons for Curriculum Playground






All in one place

GPDR compliant

& more…

Why Curriculum Playground?

Curriculum Playground is the only tool in which you can design, create, plan, analyze, and share your curriculum. We give you an infinite amount of options to play with, keeping it simple at the same time. Make curriculum design fun instead, not a chore. 

With a background as teachers and educational scientists, we understand the complexity and beauty of education. 

Our tool is designed in co-creation with various schools and educational programs in The Netherlands. This ensures it aligns with daily practice and helps in continuously strengthening the curriculum

A selection of all the possibilities.

Curriculum Playground offers a lot of possibilities for teachers, educational specialists, commissions, management and other staff members.

Incredibly flexible

Learning objectives, learning outcomes, years, learning pathways, subjects, projects, forms of assessment, etc. Everything can be configured to align with your practice.

Build or rebuild

Design an entirely new curriculum, import the existing curriculum, or copy and edit the current curriculum.

All data in one place

The coverage matrix, assessment program, objectives, credit points etc. Search and analyze all relevant information of the curriculum.

Import and export

Import existing data or export a visual representation of the curriculum. Your data always accessible.

Easy to use

Start designing right away. No need for a complex and boring training: Curriculum Playground was designed to be easy to use.

Who uses Curriculum Playground?

We collaborate with various
schools and programs.

A small selection.

More info? We love to show you more.


Excited and curious to see if Curriculum Playground can help your school or educational program in designing a powerful curriculum? Book an online demo or contact us directly. Also, check our FAQ.

Contact details

Michiel Lucassen

+31 6 193 37 715

Kerkenbos 1344
6546 BG Nijmegen
The Netherlands

Online demo

A demo takes 30 minutes. You will receive a link via email.

Frequently asked questions.

Is Curriculum Playground suitable for small teams?

Absolutely! Our tool is designed for – and used by – teams of all sizes. There are teams of 5 people as well as teams of 100+ people using it.

Does it take a lot of time to start with Curriculum Playground?

All new things take time. However, during our onboarding process, we ensure that everything is set up properly, and experience shows that users learn to work with it very quickly.

Do you need technical knowledge to use Curriculum Playground?

No, not really. Like with any tool, there’s a learning curve. Fortunately, experience shows that the tool is very intuitive and quickly becomes familiar; much of it is self-explanatory.

Do you have any other questions? Feel free to contact us or request a demo.

Our school works with... Our educational program utilizes...

Our tool has been designed from the ground up to be flexible: you can customize a lot to fit your needs perfectly. If something seems impossible, we’re happy to take a look and/or consider it for our future development.

Is Curriculum Playground also suitable for businesses?

Absolutely! While Curriculum Playground is designed for all types of schools and educational programs, various companies use it for their internal training or external workshops